Welcome to San Diego

Bathed by the waves of the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Southern California lies a vibrant city of 1.4 million inhabitants. Vigorous and unique, owes its name to San Diego de Alcalá, a Spanish Catholic missionary who reminds us the richness of our historical past.

The “birthplace of California” is now a technological and economic hub for a wide range of industries such as tourism, manufacturing, international trade, medicine and biotechnology, all thanks to the great influence that the University of California and its hospital (known as UCSD Medical Center) has in the region.

Virtually and broadly connected with other counties, the growth of the internal real estate market is a direct consequence of all the sustained development that San Diego has demonstrated all over these years. More and more companies are creating new work spaces, increasing the attractiveness of our suburbs, resulting in the revaluation of homes and apartment buildings, while new housing projects are initiated and executed on a weekly basis.

I’m a Local, Ready to Help You

Are you looking to relocate in San Diego in order to buy residential real estate? If that is your case then you’ll need someone who’s extremely competent in the field, but also knows the city like the palm of her hand. My +16 years of expertise as a San Diego real estate agent have brought me to this stage, and I’ll be glad to help you out whether is to buy a new home or to sell properties around this lovely city. Want to get started?