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The experience that we have collected for more than a decade in real estate, has allowed us to develop a diverse network of contacts and assets, efforts that have facilitated and accelerated the purchasing processes of assisted living properties for dozens of clients that have inspired us along the way.

The country’s aging population, increased consumer demands and advances in medical care are driving current trends in suburban medical space development.
Owning your own building allows you more control. If you’re a doctor who has built a practice and your landlord decides not to renew the lease, how many of your patients will be willing to travel across town? Many patients choose their doctors based on proximity—especially the aging population.

We are proud to say that we are fully prepared to help your business find the perfect places for the elderly, heroes who deserve our best at all times, and who without a doubt, we would do the impossible just for their well-being. It’s time to start looking, let’s do it together.

Senior Housing: What it Is? What Is It For?

RCFE refers to “Residential Care Facility for the Elderly” and encompasses Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). RCFEs provide a special combination of housing, personalized supportive services, and 24-hour staff designed to respond to the individual needs of those who require help with activities of daily living (ADLs).

These services are provided in a variety of communities, including family-owned-and-operated communities, providers who serve seniors in several communities within California, and providers who offer services in communities in multiple states. These senior housing options are non-institutional, home-like settings that promote maximum independence and dignity for each resident and encourage family and community involvement.

Assisted Living Facilities fall under the umbrella of Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE). These facilities are housing arrangements chosen voluntarily by a person who is 60+, or by their authorized representative. They include varying levels of intensity care and protective supervision. Personal care is always provided, based upon the elderly’s varying needs, as determined in order to be admitted and to remain in the facility.

RCFEs are also referred to as Assisted Living Facilities as well as Board and Care Facilities.

People under 60 years of age with compatible needs may be allowed to be admitted and retained in an RCFE if certain conditions are met.

Each state has a particular jurisdiction in regards to assisted living properties, and according to official estimates made by the government of the United States, it was revealed that there are 22,200 assisted living facilities nationwide and that more than 700,000 people live in them. A fact that confirms the growth of this trend.

Senior Housing: What it is not?

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) differences:

An SNF is a health care facility and provides 24 hour inpatient medical care that includes but is not limited to, physical, skilled nursing, dietary, and pharmaceutical services and activity programs.

SNFs in California are licensed and regulated by the California Department of Public Health.


Trends we’re seeing among Assisted living projects include:

  • Specialization in memory care: Targeting private-pay dementia and Alzheimer’s patients who are seeking more personalized care than can be provided in larger institutions.
  • “Going green”: Including energy efficiencies that unlock additional SBA financing and allow multiple projects to employ SBA 504 financing. Upgrading lighting and appliances or adding solar panels to older structures can qualify and pay off in savings and brand perception.
  • A response to the desire to “age in place”: An increased demand for home health care businesses and adult day care centers.

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An assisted living facility must be licensed, inspected and approved by a California state agency. It must also have a designated Administrator. An administrator is a certified licensee or other certified adult that acts on his/her behalf for the overall management of the facility.

Cece Volchko has been a certified RCFE residential care administrator for the State  of California and has always kept her license current.


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