Cece Volchko

Cece Volchko

If you are looking to buy or sell Residential and/or Commercial properties in San Diego, CA you are on the right website!

Please tell me your needs, I sincerely LOVE helping my customers in achieving their dreams, and I have very satisfied customers.

If you are a Corporate employee relocating to San Diego, CA,  I would love to help you. I was a Corporate Manager and I understand sometimes you can feel frustrated with the time crunch and relocation process.

We can talk about your needs so that I can offer you some options that you may have not considered or thought possible. I have helped multiple clients in achieving their dream. My network of lenders/vendors can also offer options such as:

  • Cash-out refinance for baby-boomers
  • Re-investment in rental properties
  • 1031 exchange strategies for Investor’s rental units
  • FHA, Low down payments strategies for first time homeowners.
  • Commercial properties for additional returns!

Let’s see what is possible for you!

Here are some of the properties that I work with:

Residential – Commercial – Industrial – Multifamily – Assisted Living Properties