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San Diego Real Estate Residential, Multifamily, Assisted Living Properties and Commercial. We offer a whole experience in Real Estate. Selling properties and making my customers happy is my top priority.  I will represent you and negotiate for you. Call me today. looking forward to help you.

–Cece Volchko

Why Work With Me?



16 years of experience buying, selling and managing my own properties. I know the business from within


Top Negotiator

Understand Customers expectations and finding best possible strategy and outcome.  Transparency, visibility, attention to details and service customization



Social Media savvy that stays on top of the most advanced marketing technologies in the Real Estate Industry


Staying on Top of the Game

Actively networking with the latest movers and shakers. Latest updates on Real Estate trends, Laws and Regulations

Mortgage Rates Still Remain Flat This Week for the San Diego market, home prices and inflation

Affordability, home prices peaking and interest rates are subjects of discussion during our dinner tables and the rest of this year’s holidays.   To be clear, home prices in the San Diego market are decelerating, coming back down to earth. It is something that a home buyer should consider when negotiating for a house. When […]

House Rich and Cash Poor??

House Rich and Cash Poor?? Preserving equity is the name of the game in 2019. Capital preservation is a strategy to preserve the money you have available to invest. “Capital preservation protects the inflation-adjusted purchasing power of an asset so that a given pile of money can still buy the same goods by the end of […]

Real Estate Comps for Sellers and Buyers

I have a friend of mine that decided to sell his house with a national i-buyer franchise when the real estate market was going up. His logic was that he would skip the Realtor hence allows him to save money. After all, the market has been going up for several years, right? Well not anymore. […]